All I ever wanted....

In lieu of a destination vacay I decided to grab my besties and glamp it up in the heart of Soho...why not?  After three days of pure frivolous enjoyment I re-entered my regular life with renewed enthusiasm, creativity and joie de vivre.  Thinking of doing the same?  Here's my list of must do's.


11 Howard

Casual luxury at it's best, not to mention warm, friendly service, charitable initiatives and a Paige Pink bed throw. Who could ask for more?

Le Coucou

Rustic meets refined with a french twist; j'adore!

San Ambroes

Think Balthazar's laid back cousin.

La Esquina

Killer cocktails and cute waiters who wear Sexico t-shirts. Enough said.

The Blond

Dance the night away to Blondie, MJ and a host of other 80's throwback rhythms  

Smile to go

Yummy, healthy fare with a hipster vibe....

Aire Ancient Baths

88 Franklin A spa like no other. Aire redefines the concept in a chic, sexy and modern context. The ultimate escape. 

Adirondack Sailing nyc

 The anti Circle Line, these sailboat tours feel anything but touristy and on a clear day you can see forever... 



A chic and thoroughly innovative concept store with an emphasis on environmentally friendly living. I’ll sustainably drink to that!

Tom Dixon

British brand synonymous with Innovative lighting and accessories. The store is a veritable jewel box!



Da Vera

Michele Varian