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When my best friend, jewelry designer and crystal healer, Paige Novick, gifted me two beautiful quartz crystal geodes for my birthday, my first question was, “How do I use them?!” Yes, crystals look pretty as decor in your home, but they have much more powerful uses that can actually help transform your life. What is scientifically known is that quartz crystals are formed deep in the earth over millions of years and, often, carry piezeoelectric properties. This means that they develop an electrical potential when combined with mechanical stress (think quartz clock). What is believed is that crystals also carry different vibrational frequencies and healing effects that mix with our own energy when we come into contact with them. When chosen and used with intention, crystals have the power to enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Paige has incorporated these beliefs into her work and has made it easy to find your personal crystal prescription through her Gem Story Oils and signature jewelry. For me, there’s no better way to start a new year and new decade, with a new self-care routine, mantra and help from your friends!
EJH: What was the inspiration for you to get into crystal healing?
My passion for crystals was sparked when I was a young girl collecting sea glass from the Caribbean with my mom, who is also a jeweler and in many respects, a healer. I realize now that the pale blues and greens of sea glass are known to be calming colors and remain to this day my go-to tones when I seek soothing hues.                                                              
When the student is ready the teacher appears.                                           
After spending several years reading, learning, studying and meditating everyday, I officially became a teacher in 2016 and started leading a weekly class at a NY private school. Simultaneously, my work in fine jewelry fed a hunger to deepen my knowledge about gemstones, going beyond the birthstone meaning. This exploration taught me about the vibrational energy in Mother Nature’s little gifts and how, if harnessed correctly, can be used to manifest and transform. What resonated most for me was the empowering aspect of healing ourselves. Gem Story was born soon after, out of my desire to share these powerful practices with the world.
EJH: Paige, it is you who has brought me more insight about setting intentions and manifesting opportunities into my life. Semantics are very important when doing so. What are the words and/or statements that make this practice as effective as possible and WHY? (i.e. “I am” vs. “I want” or “I need”)
PN: We shape our narrative through the words that we use, so it is very important that we are mindful of staying positive, clear, and simple when setting an intention.
For example, if you are calling in balance, ask for more of what you are looking for, so that you come from a place of abundance – not lack. 
This is how we attract more of what we want!
EJH: When someone wants to bring a specific opportunity into their life, whether it be love, balance, greater abundance, etc. how can they know which crystal(s) to choose to help manifest this? 
PN: I like to say that the crystal chooses you. Whichever crystal you are drawn to must speak to something in your life that you are looking to call in or heal.
Don’t overthink it – if it is not a HELL YES! It is a hell no.
EJH: Once the crystal is chosen, how do they use it? 
PN: Take the crystal in your non-dominant hand and charge it with a positive intention or mantra. It can be something simple like "I trust and surrender in order to call peace into my life."
Then thank your crystal and continue to hold that mantra with you as you go about your day.
EJH: What are your favorite crystals and why?
PN: My favorite crystals are Rose Quartz for giving and receiving love freely, Celestite for its calming properties, and Tigers Eye as it is considered the ultimate stone of empowerment.
EJH: It’s easy to understand the use of crystals in your jewelry designs. You have also launched a collection of “Gem Story” oils (Soothe, Balance, Calm, Dream, Passion and Strength). How do the crystals react inside the oils to evoke the corresponding sentiment?
PN: The crystals charge the oils with their healing properties to create a multi-sensory experience. They are meant to be your assistants in evoking more of the feeling you are looking to call in. Whether you are searching for more passion and creativity, calmness, soothing, strength, or relaxation, there is a multi-sensory experience for everyone.
EJH: In reading the below properties of each of the oils, I feel like I need them all! Help! How would you help direct me as to which one would be best for me and can I layer them to use more than one at a time? 
PN: Similar to crystals, choose the oil that is calling you in the most! In terms of layering it on, the same principles apply. You will know.
  • Tiger’s Eye helps remove obstacles
  • Rosewood helps promote optimism, satisfaction and happiness
  • Jasmine evokes constructive emotions, clarity and positivity
  • Amethyst enhances imagination
  • Lavender eases the mind, promotes deep relaxation and soothes tension
  • Chamomile promotes restorative, restful sleep
  • Black tourmaline provides protection
  • Black Pepper promotes resilience, acceptance and endurance
  • Vanilla channels energy, soothing restlessness and hyperactivity
  • Garnet and Rose Quartz open the heart chakra
  • Frankincense assists with grounding and facilitates spiritual experiences
  • Rose helps to open the heart and awaken sensuality
  • Opal and Peridot promote healing
  • Ylang Ylang helps lower the stress response and helps to release negative emotions
  • Grapefruit has a relaxing and uplifting effect on the mind
 SOOTHE with CBD oil
  • Sodalite brings emotional balance
  • Peppermint promotes calm and aids with sleep
  • Cypress promotes relaxation and cleanses the system
  • CBD combined with complementary essential oils, enhances the benefit and helps to ease anxiety 
EJH: There has been a lot of skepticism about the power of crystals over the years. Why do you think society has become more open to the power of crystals? 
PN: Crystals are Mother Nature’s little gifts to us and they will do as much for you as you allow them to.
Harness their energy and keep them charged with positive vibrations, use them as a focal point during meditation or even display your crystals in your home or workplace. I like to say that whether you believe in their power or you just like to look at them, they are gifts from the earth that are meant to be enjoyed.
EJH: Paige, as we begin a new year and new decade (!), can you please share some personal insight and wisdom for our readers?    
PN: I will do my best! 
The New Year is a time to look forward not backwards. We are who we are because of choices WE made, consciously or unconsciously. That in itself is an empowering concept. So as we move into this new decade think of how you want to write your story. 
Leave any hurts, disappointments or pain in the last century and decide what you want your life to look like NOW, today. Write it down in vivid detail, create a mind movie and connect with the emotions around this vision. Meditate on this at least once a day, and then let the universe work out the details. 
EJH: Last, I am thrilled that you are offering your “Bespoke Crystal Prescriptions” for private clients EXCLUSIVELY to Gift Me Chic, thank you! What can customers expect from this very personal service? 
PN: As part of the bespoke experience, I will work one-on-one with clients to identify what they wish to call in. From there we will determine the best crystals for assisting in those areas and learn how to work with them as tools for manifestation and transformation.   
Thank you Paige for your time and insight to help us manifest our dreams.
Cheers to a prosperous new year and new decade for all!