Le bonheur

I can read your aura, baby!

I can read your aura, baby! No, for real I can!

I took the leap on a recent Sunday, flanked by two like-minded girlfriends with whom I had just taken a savage yoga class at The Woom Center, and lined up (in very tight quarters) to have my aura read at Magic Jewelry in Chinatown. Disclaimer: Had I known that my actual photo would be taken, which I would then post on my blog, I might have actually cleaned up a bit post workout but hey, I’m bearing my soul to you by sharing this reading so would a little make-up have really made any difference?

Magic Jewelry is a store that specializes in crystals, horoscopes and yes, aura readings (did I mention it only costs 20 BUCKS?). They have an actual camera that photographs your aura (read: energy) while you sit on a chair and place your hands on metal sensors. Once the Polaroid-like image appears, one of the readers interprets the results. Now what does your aura look like IRL, you might ask? Well, for starters it’s a blotch of colors surrounding your face and each color coordinates with a specific Chakra (or energy center). As you can see from the below image, mine was a cloud of indigo and violet hues up top, with some green and more blue on the sides. 

Now I know my Chakras, but this reading veered more into psychic territory!  It was like she read my soul. Without fully exposing myself to all of you, I will throw you a few crumbs:

A) I am highly intuitive, hence the violet and indigo shades,  representing the third eye and crown Chakras.

B) I have an open heart (hence the green for the heart Chakra)  

C) While I "partake in relaxing activities, my heart and mind are unsettled and always working”. (Read: even when I meditate and shut off, my inner wheels keep on keepin’ on)



Well folks, I will leave you to ponder that for a bit and in the meantime, if you find yourself cravin' a little woo woo action, which will definitely give you a pause for reflection, then hightail it over to Magic Jewelry at 238 Canal Street.