Le bonheur

How I got crystal clear at the Tucson Gem Show even though the rocks in my head are making me dizzy!

I am embarrassed to admit that in my 11 years in business, this was my first trip to the Gem Show in Tucson. In other words, the Powerful Pretty gemstones that you have bought from us have been culled from the best suppliers in the world AS LONG AS THEY HAVE SHOWROOMS IN NY! However, 4 days and multiple blisters later, I now have enough gem and crystal resources to fill a laundry bag (specifically the one I stole from the hotel).

So, this is how the Tucson Gem Show works: The super fancy gem dealers present their wares at the Convention Center downtown. For the purposes of this story, consider them the 1%.  Sidebar: I was told that in multiple decades there was only one theft at the show and that was by a woman who deftly slipped diamonds into her mouth and then coughed them into a coke bottle (kinda genius)

Anyway, the other 99% of the crystal, geode, fossil mineral and accessories dealers show in what feels like circus tents all over the city. AND I MEAN ALL OVER THE CITY.  In other words, if you liked it, then you should have put a TENT on it. Every green patch has an awning and they go for miles and miles long. If you have ever been to Brimfield, the annual antique show in Massachusetts, the vibe is very similar. Word of warning: if you are not careful with your cash, you can blow your wad on the first day (yes, I did NEED a salt and platinum singing bowl... DUH!)

Joking aside, I felt guilty because I was having so much fun! It was truly an awe inspiring experience for several reasons: One because I recently started wrapping my designs around rocks (coming soon!) and two, because I am a teacher of crystal healing and meditation. Given the recent double dipping status, the show was a must pour moi.

 The net net is whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, there is something about being around Mother Nature's little gifts that could lift anyone’s spirit. And let's not forget about the appeal of the Southwest with its zero humidity (translation: good hair days), desert landscape, mountain views and guacamole on every menu!

Same time next year Tucson.

 P.S. For future, please remind me to wear WELL WORN IN sneakers and not the rubber soled blocks of concrete I forced my feet into every morning (ouch, damn blisters!)