Le bonheur

I Got Clean and So Can You!

I have a confession to make: I’m in love with my new clean beauty products. I want to marry them. Sidebar: Did you see the article in the NYT Wedding section recently about the woman who married her dog? (no joke and apparently it is legal!).


Anyhoo, ever since holistic facialist/guru, Monica Watters of Sacred Touch told me that my makeup remover wipes were “stripping my skin of all hydration” (yikes), I did a quick 180 and went full on clean with my beauty routine, turning it into a real ritual. The shamans believe that the mere act of anointing oneself, is considered a sacred act of self-recognition. Works for me! 

Shameless Plug Alert:


I top off my morning ritual with a dab on the pulse points of one of our Gem Story Multi-Sensory oils (whichever one fits my mood that day). Then I take a deep inhale of the essential oils while setting an intention for the day, allowing the healing properties to connect with my own energy to help manifest my goal.


All in, the new ritual adds 5-7 minutes to my morning and evening practices. This may seem like a major time grab if you are used to rushing like I was, but it is actually very little compared to the benefits of not only nourishing your skin, but also bringing mindfulness into your every day routine. Try it and let me know it goes!




Sacred Touch - Holistic Facialist 




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