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Merci Gift Me Chic!

HOW CRYSTALS CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE INTERVIEW WITH PAIGE NOVICK     When my best friend, jewelry designer and crystal...

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Marni on the Move

Listen to Paige on the Podcast Marni on the Move here!

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How I got crystal clear at the Tucson Gem Show even though the rocks in my head are making me dizzy!

I am embarrassed to admit that in my 11 years in business, this was my first trip to the Gem...

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Paige's Upcoming Events!

Please join us for Paige's Upcoming Events! 1.The Crystal Experience: The Magic Seven Chakra Balancing  Wednesday, January 16th 8pm -...

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Turning Routine Into Ritual

"Crystals are Mother Nature's little gift to us, and they will do as much for you as you allow them...

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A Fully Immersive Summer!

For me the summer is the best time to be learning, stretching and expanding in new directions. Last summer I immersed myself...

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I can read your aura, baby!

I can read your aura, baby! No, for real I can! I took the leap on a recent Sunday, flanked...

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Dream Meditation

"We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has much farther to go within himself.  -...

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