The Champagne Diaries- Part One...

Part One: Paige is off to Paris...




I'm on my way! Embarking on the first leg of the trip, which promises to be a veritable fashion fest-Parisian style.  Naturally multiple wardrobe and accessory changes a must, hence my super- sized luggage a la Carrie Bradshaw!

While I brought enough clothing to justify an intervention I kept my outerwear down to a minimum: brown leather jacket, black leather jacket and a black fur vest to be layered over said leathers. My only risk is smelling a bit gamey if it rains (wince now!) but I'll take the chance in the name of Inès de La Fressange.

Stay tuned, as tomorrow's agenda will not disappoint! Highlights include Helmut Newton exhibit at Le Grand Palais and a cocktail party for Herve Van der Straaten at Le Palais Royale and a late dinner with fashion folk.

Note to reader: In sharp contrast to what you might think, the glamour of Paris is not the main draw for me when I travel to the City of Lights but rather the fact that I get to speak French all the time. You see, I am a true nerd of the Francophile variety holding on for dear life to my glory days as an NYU student in France. Thankfully, between travel, friends and my own upkeep (I'm currently reading a novel In French- see photo above) I have managed to retain much of my language skills. That being said, jet lag tends to turn my brain into meringue so it's not a sure thing how I will fare on this trip... Stay tuned!